What do our members say about us?

“Really good information provided by the network”

“Have only recently joined but am feeling the benefits already”

“Enjoy contact with other hall committee’s – sharing of information is very valuable”

“Enjoy having the contact with the network and excellent information is always provided. A good way to share ideas”

“Have found the network invaluable during the pandemic with the amount of information coming through”

“Like the sharing of information and ideas”

“Very beneficial – meet other village hall committees and can help each other solve issues”

“Very useful network, always kept in the loop with information”

“Not used the network much during the outbreak”

“Funding information useful”

“I am aware of the benefits of the network but another committee member attends network meetings”

“Like receiving information via the network, meeting other halls, good ideas are shared”

“Receive best practice, have access to documents, policies etc”

“Lots of good advice and recommendations”

“Anita is very good – sending up to date information. Because of where our hall is, we feel out on a limb so it is nice to be part of a network”

“Lots of advice coming down from the network especially during the Covid19 pandemic”

“Have just recently re joined. Information invaluable and Anita is brilliant”

“Good information received – especially at this moment”

“Sharing of information, network meetings have good speakers, enjoy meeting like minded people”

“Valuable being part of a network and being able to ask questions and being provided with the answers”

“Particularly enjoy the networking sessions at the end of the meetings, valuable to receive information and guidance and to speak to other hall committees. Anita is brilliant. Since joining the network, the revenue of the village hall has trebled”

“Like being in touch with other halls and having information fed through. Will be interesting to speak with other halls as lockdown ends”

“Nice support group sharing a common interest”

“Feel that the network gives a good source of guidance and advice, especially at this time coming from Anita and Village Hall Advisor”

“It is an informative and supportive network”

“Receiving of information, conference last year was very useful”

2Sharing of information and receiving guidance and best practice”

“Good source of information coming through. Fairly new member but so far feeling the benefits”

“Enjoy being part of a network – feel well supported and information is useful and reassuring. Regularly attend the network meetings and really enjoyed the conference last year. Anita is brilliant”

“The level of information coming through particularly at the moment is amazing”

“Good sharing of information always and good feedback received”

“Cannot praise the network enough and HWRA and ERVAS”

“Network is invaluable especially at the moment. Have facebook page for information and can connect with other halls with similar issues”

“Have just renewed membership. Enjoy being part of such a network – great information passed on”

“Sharing of information and funding news is the main benefit. Have attended network meetings in the past”

“New member. Our previous Chair wasn’t keen on joining but has now left. Looking forward to the benefits of belonging the network”

“find it very useful to belong the network. Meetings are extremely useful together with sharing of information”